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The success of an airline depends on the number of aircraft operated, effective management of its fleet & its proper services.

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    Our vast knowledge and expertise allows us to provide step by step guidance to our clients to create the easiest transition possible while avoiding any issues that may arise before or during each flight that may be caused by airport closures, flight restrictions, governmental regulations, and many other reason
  • Full scale of services
    Silcom Airlines Pvt Ltd offers a variety of accommodations such as fuelling, catering, and many other handling needs. RAS also provides Aircraft Chartering so you wont have to lose time looking for it elsewhere. We are here to be the best of the best and nothing less. We are here to serve you as per your needs & requirements.
  • Our Aim
    Our aim is to provide you a client focused service and an unmatched expertise in aircraft purchase, maintenance and its related services. We will guide you from aircraft selection to acquisition and technical evaluation. Our team comprises of former airline executives, financial analysts, maintenance and operation experts.
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